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Learn to Swim

General information: In a coastal community like the South Bay, kids of all ages need to learn to love and respect the water so they can enjoy it for the rest of their lives. We can’t wait to meet you and help you reach your aquatic goals this summer. Classes are limited to four (4) swimmers ages 4-17 years old. There are no make-up classes. We reserve the right to cancel classes that do not meet a minimum of two (2) enrolled swimmers. Tuition is due upon registration, and there are NO REFUNDS after your registration is confirmed. To register, fill out this form and return it to the front desk at South End. Please make checks out to South End. Because we tend to book every class, we are not able to substitute different days of the week for individual swimmers. Registrations must be submitted by 12 noon on the Friday before the session for which you are registering.

Summer 2019 Session Dates:

Session I - June 17-28
Session II - July 1-July 12*
Session III - July 15-26
Session IV - July 29 - August 9


Class Day(s) Class Level Class Times Tuition

(6 classes total per session)



M: $108
Non: $126

(4 classes total per session)



M: $72
Non: $84


Please see reverse side for registration form. Non-member swimmers are allowed 30 minutes practice time before their lesson time and will be expected to leave the club after class. Family members of non-members are NOT allowed to swim. Non-Members need to bring their own towels and may use the pool-side restroom only. Once your registration is confirmed there are NO REFUNDS and NO MAKE-UP for dates missed. Classes close after maximum number of swimmers have registered. Private lessons are also available.

For questions, send Jeff Preyer an email at: 

Registration Form
Click Here To Download  

Please send your completed
registration to:

South End Racquet and Health Club
2800 Skypark Drive
Torrance, CA 90505
FAX: (310) 325–9421

Please make checks
payable to SOUTH END

We Accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express Cards.

Class Descriptions:

At South End, we aim to develop life-long swimmers. Strong swimming leads to a love of water, lifetime fitness opportunities,and most importantly, a healthy respect for water safety. Swimmers learn the following skills in the courses below. For example, if your swimmer can do some Freestyle but not Backstroke, s/he should be in Level 3. Level 1 - Blow bubbles, submerge face, bobs, float on back and front, glide, basic safety rules.

Level 1 - Blow bubbles, submerge face, bobs, float on back and front, glide, basic safety rules.

Level 2 - Streamline kick front and back, kickboard kick, beginning Freestyle (15yds), surface diving to 4’.

Level 3 - Freestyle and Backstroke kick and strokes (25yds), surface diving to 7’, jumps from edge, begin treading water.

Level 4 - Deep water bobs, Freestyle and Backstroke endurance (50yds), beginning Breaststroke, treading water, beginning dives.

Level 5 - Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke build endurance (75yds), Butterfly kick, turns.

Level 6 - All four competitive strokes for strength and endurance, starts and turns for all strokes, treading water for time..